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October 20, 2011



Connie; congratulations on being chosen sketch artist this week!!! i love your card; such a beautiful birthday card made with hallowe'en creative!!! congratulations again!

tracy; thank you for the hounour of being chosen sketch artist this week along with connie! thank you for your amazing a lovely words! if it was not for you, i would not be getting creative at thank YOU for always coming through with such wonderful sketches!!! i am glad that you were able to spend some time with your dad. do not worry about blog (and your dad) are the important ones now. take very good care of yourself!!! (((HUGS)))


p/s; GRRRRRRRReat sketch for 151!!!!! i'll be back soon with a card:):) thank you for the inspiration!!


Hmmm, my comment from yesterday wandered off somewhere! Maybe it took a coffee break. I love Tinla's work and I wish we could convince her to start a blog to show off her style (in addition to her gallery at SCS.) If I'm sharing honors with her, I'm in fantastic company! Still have you in our prayers, Tracy.
I'm off to print out the sketch and get a card made. Love the sketch this week.


Thanks for another great sketch Tracy!
I haven't visited in a while...and have just read through your last few posts...and wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Hugs, Helen x

Peggy Elms

Tracy, I am so glad I could make it this week. Sometimes life gets in the way right. I love this neat sketch...again. I will be keeping you and your family, in my thoughts my dear. hugsxo

Connie, Congrats on being sketch artist, your Christmas card is soooo sweet.


So so Sorry that I haven't been here in a while. Actually, I haven't been in any blogs in a while. The only reason I would go on the internet is to check my email or email my students. Anyways, I read a few of your last posts and wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love you and thanks for all your continued inspirations. Be right back with a card! Hugs, NETTE

Kathy Curry

Congrats Connie and Tinla! Such gorgeous cards.

Tracy, hope you are well and hanging in there, keeping you and your dad in my thoughts!



I hope all is well and I hope your dad is doing well - considering his condition. If you decide, I'd be happy to send a card - just let me know.

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