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October 19, 2009


Carol C.

Tracy, sorry to hear about both those things not working out for you! Good for you for trying to find the ups of things; congrats on your snowman cuppie card making Top Crops; that is a FUN news! Glad Kitty Bones is doing fab, keep fighting those paper pushers :)... Your creativity is catching and FUN --- and makes some of us smile! :)

Laura Leonard

Hi Tracy. Sorry to hear that your week is not starting off very well. I have to tell you that I was VERY surprised that Taylor did not pick you to be on the sketch crew. I thought all (what 6?) of your cards were AMAZING! But hey, maybe she's saving you for one of her next DT Members....:) :) :) You just never know.


Hey Tracy,

I'm so sorry that you didn't get picked for Taylor's team. I think you were definitely qualified. Keep you head up! Us regular blog readers still love your work!

Nancy P.

Tracy, You are one amazing, talented, clever, creative & crafty lady.....don't you forget it! You bring joy to so many of us everyday!! There will always be something else around the corner & I am glad you are trying to keep a positive attitude! Way to go on being picked "Top Crop"!! You definitely deserve it!

Sorry to hear the insurance company is giving you issues on your claim with Kitty Bones. I hope you are able to clear that up & it ends up being a positive outcome.

Hugs my friend!

Kristina Lewis

You are amazing! Hugs!



My oh my, what a week to start off, so sorry to hear the bad news about Kitty Bones and the TE's crews. Don't worry, things happen for a reason and who knows, sooner of later, soome beautiful clouds will come along and has something so wonderful waiting just for you! Keep smiling and keep your head up're totally an inspiration to all of us..really. Glad you made the TE's CROP though..see, that's still something to smile about..!! Stay positive my friend..

BIG HUGS to you...{{hugggssss...}}

Lindsay M.

Awwwww Tracy!! I'm so sorry things aren't going so well this week!! I hope you do fight for your kitty bills!! Thats crazy that they won't cover them!! I would be totally upset too! Keep on trying!!!

You totally diserved to be picked for the Sketch crew! Are they nuts!!! Your cards are amazingly gorgeous!!! I wish I had half of your talent!!!

You are an amazing person, and keep on doing what your doing!!! We all love you on here!! Hope your week gets better!!! Hugggsssss!!!!!


diane (cookiestamper)

I hope your week is going better! Sorry it started out so yucky but it sounds like you have a good attitude to carry you through! Hugs.


I am so sorry to hear about the Sketch Crew, Tracy. I really do believe that you making those beautiful cards for the sketch challenge will lead to bigger and more creative things for you. Your cards were incredible; they all showed so much amazing craftmanship. So sorry to hear about the insurance company...wishing you all the bets for a positive outcome. Sending ((((HUGS)))) your way!

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