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March 27, 2009



UGH Tracy!
Sorry about the job loss. Man, that stinks!
Isn't it weird about work friends? Some people are just your "friends" when it's convenient. Wild!

Try to enjoy your time "off" with some stamping while you search for work.


Tracy, you do have a point and are right to feel as you do - it would hurt! doesn't make sense!

Hope you continue to keep a positive attitude, make the most of the moments that present themselves now as you search for a new job. Your creativity is amazing - really love your take on this week's TCP sketch!!! and that image PERFECT (have not seen it before :)) and goes very well with the PP. Really like all the elements you used too! Very PRETTY! I had a great time playing too (although sketches are always a challenge for me, especially LAYERS :))


I am so sorry to hear that your coworkers haven't been supportive...I agree with you, it is an awkward situation, but if they put themselves in your place, I am sure they would like contact from the people who have been a part of their lives for so long...kwim? I am sorry that this is happening to you. (((Hugs))) to you!
Your card is beautiful; it makes me feel like spring is already here (it is so NOT....I had to wear my next-to-coldest winter jacket today...but at least it's coming!!). Love the colours and details...beautiful!! TFS and hope you have a great w/e! Take care:)

Julia Aston

How wonderfully springy is this card!! love the Dp's and the cute easter doggy!


What's wrong with your ex-co-workers? Don't they know what a wonderful woman you are? They might not know what to say or think it would be painful for you to have contact with them. Who knows why people do the things they do? I just know that I am a better person because I know you!!!


Love the card tracy! If you want to talk, we can try to get together next me...



Tracy, I'm sorry that nobody has stepped up and supported you from work; perhaps over time they'll get in touch... ((hugs))

Great job with Leigh's sketch! WOW!

Heather M

It's their loss, Tracy. I worked over 15 yrs with the same core group and when health issues/surgeries started happening for me, I heard nothing. To add insult to injury, they kept giving gifts/cards to those having babies. I actually died on the table but they didn't know what to do - so they did nothing.
It's a painful soul searching leasson here: they never were your friends, just transient chums. Your real friends (and us!) are the ones here for you :)
Keep your smile and think Karma.... :D

Leigh O'Brien

Hi Tracy! Sooo cute and colorful...I love this! Love your cute kitty blog header and you too...Heather is right...those coworkers are missing out on your wonderfulness!

Lyndsay Breid

Woo hoo! YAY DAWN!


Dawn, you just said it RIGHT!!

They don't know how lucky they are for having you around there. It's surely their loss. You have us and I hope, somehow, you can consider us your co-workers. How about it? See, I can see you smiling already!! High five!!

Take care friend and keep smiling..forget 'bout 'em!! You don't need anymore stress right now. Just have fun stamping and shoot, we're your cheerleaders now!! :o) We're probably better than they are. :o)

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