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July 22, 2009



Congrats, Tracy! what a blessing - and exactly what you need right now because you are all smiles; Alice just knew! Enjoy Jinxy (what a great name, she will jinx you but in a good way! )

Michele Huey

Hi Tracy,

Jinxy sure is a cutie and so lucky to have found a happy and loving home! I'm so glad to see you smiling again!

I'll be in touch...michele h..

Anita A

Congrats on your very cute kitty!

Erin L.

She's just beautiful. Congrats on your new baby.

Amanda Winkelman

Tracy, I am sooo happy for you. I lost my beloved Yida, a short hair all black spunky little girl after 9 years of having her. We got both she and her sister, Braffy, when they were only about 4-5 weeks old. They were in a really bad situation, and so we took 'em was right before my husband and I got married...(like a couple weeks), and so naturally they went with us on our honeymoon. Yida, and her sister were the best two cats anyone could ever ask for. And after being indoor cats for almost 9 years, we finally decided to let them out....they wanted it, and with 3 wild boys it was impossible to keep the doors shut...they were always trying to escape. Flash forward 5 months, it was the first week in December 2008, and Yida never came in one night...they always came in for the night...and she never came home. I was devestated, as I'm sure you can understand...we looked for her everywhere, checked all the shelters daily, with no luck. All I can hope was that perhaps she was sick, and went and found somewhere to peacefully pass on. Two weeks later, my oldest son and I went to go look at getting a new kitty. (The kiddos were just devestated about Yida.) And well, you know how it goes, we came home with TWO! Both boys...Chuck, and Titan, or Tininan as we like to call him. And what made me tell you all this and be so long winded, is that Jinxy looks just like Titan, only in girl form, of course, and because this has been totally cathartic for me telling this story to someonw who I know understands where I'm coming from! I am so happy that you found a new friend. She is adorable, and I can't wait for all the updates that I'm sure you'll have about her!
Congrats, again!


So happy for you, Tracy! I am sure that little Jinxy will bring you much joy! Missed you while you were gone...

Susan N

OMG! Jinxy is sooooo cute :) Her face looks like the cat that stared in the movie Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najiry. I don't know how you are able to get anything done, I would have to hold her all day as she is so darn stinkin cute. Congrautlations!


Awwwwww! CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival :) What a cute little furbaby! You will all have lots of fun times ahead :) I wish that they stayed that little, don't you?

Nancy P.

Jinxy is just precious & I love her name!! I'm so glad you were able to adopt a new little friend. It does sound like she picked you!! She reminds my of my Harley kitty. He is all black too. I'm so happy for you & I hope that Jinxy brings you lots of joy! :)


Isn't she the cutest!!! And such a lucky little girl to be with you. I am glad that there is a rainbow after all of the rain for you, Tracy!!!!

christina fischer

I'm so happy for you, Tracy! She's adorable, and she's lucky to have you! :)

jenn shurkus & mister harley

awww tracy.. im soo happy for you :) i too knew mister harley was the one when i held him and he puuurrred and snuggled me :)

congratulations on your new baby! make sure you post some more pics!!

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